5 Communication technologies - Speaking


a) Absolutely right, World Wide Web is another name for the Internet.

b) The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible network that consists of millions of smaller domestic, academic, business, and government networks. It is an information resource where you can find various information and collection of services. It is also a communication system. E-mail is an important communications service available on the Internet. It is a community of users. There are a huge number of communities online every day in the Internet.


Facebook is supposedly the largest social networking site with over 200 million active members across the globe and most interactive and viral amongst all social networks. This site is so amazing that you can find anyone or business you thought missing or lost by doing a little search with name or e-mail address which will actually do the magic; connecting you with old friends, colleagues and brethren. This site is containing texts, images and sound files. It is a well-decorated page. Recently, Facebook team and members celebrated 500 million people on this great social networking site. A common question asked amongst old and young, business executives, organizations and companies in recent days: Are you on Facebook? You can join me on Facebook.


1. Do you know what a cyber cafft is? Have you ever been to one? — The cyber cafe is a network of several computers where everyone can log in the Internet for some paying. No. I haven’t ever been to one.

2. Do you know how to send an e-mail? — Yes. I do. I know how to send an e-mail.

3.   Which sites do you usually visit?

— I usually visit sites with latest news.

4. Do you chat online? — Yes. I do. I chat online every evening.

5. Do you have your own website? — No. I don’t.

6. Does your school have its own website? — No. it doesn’t

7. Do you buy anything on the Internet? — Yes, I do. Last time  I bought the new books on the Internet.

8. For what purpose do young people use the Internet? — Young people use the Internet for their entertainments.

9. What do you know about hackers and viruses? — A hacker is a person

In one of several distinct (but not completely disjoint) communities and subcultures: a community of enthusiast computer programmers and systems designers, the hobbyist home competing community and people committed to circumvention of computer security. A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer. Viruses can increase their chances of spreading to other computers by infecting files on a network file system or a file system that is accessed by another computer.

10.  How does the Internet affect our lives? — Many people find the Internet to be the ideal place to socialize with others because of its faceless medium and effortless ways to find others with similar interests; through the many ways of communication over the Internet, the common prejudices of life are not evident.

11. Has the Internet changed your life? If yes. in what ways? — Yes of course. In the Internet I can shop online, research products, read the news, watch different videos, play games, keep in touch with friends and family.