5 Communication technologies - Use your english


1. You can publish your web pages by upload them to the web server.

2.   If you want to find out more about phrasal verbs, you should post a message to the alt usage english newsgroup.

3.   You can download the software from our web site.



1. switch/turn on something — c

2.   switch/turn off something — e

3.   plug in something — a

4.   turn up something — b 5- charge something up — d


1. My mobile phone isn’t working — I need to charge it up.

2.   Would the last person to leave the room, please, turn off the lights?

3.   When I tried to switch on my computer in the morning, nothing happened.

4.   Can you turn up the TV? I can hardly hear what the actors are saying.

5.   The computer isn’t working because you haven’t switched it on!

You can plug it in the wall there.

3. current events

World Wide Web E-mail message surfing the net download information web sites computer screen

4. Surf the web — read the latest news E-mail — get the letters with an attachment

Board games — lotto

Computer games — logical, shooting.

strategy games

Hang out at the cafe — play games.

meet new people


a) www.intercafe.co.uk

Name — Intercafe

Location — Preston, England Business Hours — 10 am — 8 pm Monday to Saturday, 12 am — 8 pm Sunday Internet Connection Cost — two shillings in hour

Food — snacks and sandwiches Drinks — hot/cold

Hardware — 15 high end gaming PC’s for use on the internet or for playing our large selection of games, Xbox360 Elite playing on a 42 HDTV complete with 2 leather gaming chairs Software -- System, Application Computer Games — Crysis, Call-Of- Duty 4, Battlefield, Command Conquer, Bioshock

Training is present