2. Choose the career! - Listening


stemsy ministradator — system administrator

naljourist — journalist

countacant — accountant


1. She has already been working at this pharmaceutical company for 10 years.

2. She is a professional with broad work experience.

3. He chose this creative profession because he was a creative person.

4. They all work as a team.

5.   He is responsible for the safety of all documents and files.

6.   All his colleagues respect him for this professionalism.


1. Is it necessary to get higher education if you want to become an accountant?

— Yes, it is.

2.   Why does an accountant need to get additional education? What ways can he/she get it? — An accountant needs to present at different seminars, workshops, conferences, to listen to reports and discusses the ways of applying fresh knowledge. He/she needs to get additional education in order to learn about new laws and rules and to do financial reports in a proper way.

3. What is the journalist who works in some local newspaper responsible for? — He/she responsible for writing articles and informing the society about different events and meetings, they also meet different people and take their interviews.

4. What way can you characterize the profession of a journalist? — The profession of a journalist is exciting, though sometimes may be dangerous.

5. What does the occupation of a system administrator require? — It requires to be responsible for the safety of all documents and files, to prevent the system from receiving viruses, to develop different programs, to know a lot about office equipment and to fix them if it is necessary.