2. Choose the career! - Speaking

1. What’s your name? E. Lisa Sharon

2.   How old are you? D. 27

3. What do you do? B. Radio presenter/reporter for The Word,

a daily magazine program on London’s Kiss 100 FM

4.   Where do you work? C. Kisa House, Holloway Road, London

5. What do you wear to work?

G. Everything goes — casual.

6. How much do you earn? F. J15.000 — J20.000 per year, including TV work.

7.   What do you spend it on? A. J 200 rent per month, J 200 clothes, J 50 bank, J 60 petrol, J 40 magazines and books.


A: Were there any interesting jobs in the newspaper yesterday?

B: Well, there were an office administrator and a porter on cruises ship.

A: An office administrator doesn’t sound very suitable for me but I don’t have any one.

B: I’d prefer the job on cruises ship.

A: So do I. Visiting Hawaii is my dream.

B: And they provide full training and the chance to earn $5,000 per month.

A: What’s the phone number?

B: It’s 337-35-71.


Interviewer: What is your name? Peter Parker: Peter Parker.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Peter Parker: 25.

Interviewer: What do you do?

Peter Parker: I work in a secondary school in London.

Interviewer: Do you like your job?

Peter Parker: I enjoy my job greatly.


a. are normally done by women? — Jobs of a teacher, a doctor, a tailor, a cooker, a nurse, a waitress, a librarian, an accountant, an economist are normally done by women.

b. are generally well-paid? — Jobs of a lawyer, a diplomat, a deputy, a businessman are generally well-paid.

c.   require a lot of training? — A job of a doctor requires a lot of training.

d.   are very stressful? — Jobs of a surgeon, a militiaman are very stressful.

e.   have long holidays? —- Teachers have long holidays.

f. are dangerous? — Jobs of a trainer of wild animals, a fireman, a submariner, a cosmonaut are dangerous.