2. Choose the career! - Grammar


A. We use the Past Simple to mention about the events in the past.

Example: I visited my aunt last weekend.

B. We    use the Present Perfect to talk about the results and completed actions or events that are connected with the present.

Example: I’ve lived in this town for 6 years.

My brother has been to London.

Jane has already done her homework. Look!

C. We use the Present Perfect Continuous to talk about an action that began in the past and is still in progress or an action that has recently stopped and which explains the present situation.

Example: I’ve been working for this company since 2002.

David has been playing tennis so he’s really tired.


Peer Parker is an English language teacher. He was always good at languages at school, so he decided to take his degree in French and German. When he had finished his university studies, he began teaching in a secondary school in England. Two years later, however, he met someone by chance who offered him a job teaching English to foreign students during the long summer holidays. His students were adults and he enjoyed the work greatly. He soon had found he was more interested in teaching his own language to foreigners than foreign languages to English schoolboys.

Since then he has been specializing in this work. He has found that one of the advantages of the job is that it enables him to find work almost everywhere in the world. First he has gone to Africa for 2   years and then he spent a year in Arabia. After this he went to Greece where he has worked for the last 3 years. He has not been to 8outh America yet but he wants to go there next. He taught men and women of all ages and of various nationalities. He also learnt to get on with all kinds of people and to adjust to different ways of life. So far he has not regretted his decision to follow this career.


1. How long have you been having your car?

2.   Ron has been working as a postman for the past month.

3.   Mary has found a good job.

4.   I have been writing an essay all day.

5. How long have you been living in Kyiv?


A. How long have you been trying to find a job?

B. For   three years. It has been really difficult.

C.   How many jobs have you had?

D.   About thirty, maybe more I have done everything.

I.   How long have you been standing here today?

F. I have been waiting since 8:00 this morning, and I’m freezing.


How long have they been going out together?

I have been studying English for eight years.

You have been reading that book for months!

Have you been waiting for a long time? How long has she been living there?

I have been rented this flat for three years.

Has she been working here for a long time?


It is Friday evening. One of you has decided to phone the other for a chat. Ask and answer questions about what you’ve been doing this week.

A. Hi, there. I’m tired. I’ve had a terrible week!

B. What have you been doing?

A. I’ve been working at my project since 8.00 every morning till late at night.