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What is the style of the letter? Why?

What is the purpose of the letter? Is it personal or professional?

Name the type of the letter.

The style of the letter is formal, because Mary Blake doesn’t know Jane Smith. Mary wants to give information about her in order to get the job. It is professional letter.

It is formal letter.

3b. The places she has visited — 7.1 like travelling. I have been to Spain. Italy and Britain. This is my second visit to England. Last year I stayed with my pen friend’s family in London for a month.

Addresses she is writing to — 3. Jane Smith, Happy Holidays, Baker St, Leeds, 24 7B.

Her knowledge of languages — 6. I am seventeen years old and I come from Portugal. At the moment I am studying at a language school near Bristol. I can speak English, Portuguese and a little Spanish.

The things she is good at — 8. I enjoy playing sports. I can play basketball, tennis and volleyball. I’m good at swimming, too. I can’t play a musical instrument, but I have a good voice and enjoy singing.

Her personal qualities — 9. I’m sure that I would make a good hostess. I’m very sociable and I like helping other people. Sender’s address — 1. 12 St. John’s St. Bristol. BR27FU.

Reason for writing — 5. I read your advertisement in Teen Magazine and I would like to apply for a job as a Happy Holidays hostess this summer.

Sender’s signature — 11.

Signing off — 10. Yours sincerely. Sender's name — 12. Mary Blake. Greeting — 4. Dear Ms Smith.

Date — 2. 16 March.


Mary Cooper Happy Holidays Green St.

Liverpool L 26RE

Dear Ms Cooper,

My friend told me about your advertisement in Teen Magazine and I would like to apply for a job as a Happy Holidays host this summer.

I’m 15 years old and I have come from Ukraine. Now I’m studying at language school near London. I can speak English, Ukrainian, Russian and a little French.

I like travelling, reading and playing computer games. I enjoy playing sports, meeting new people, working outdoors, helping people, learning more and I like to improve my language skills.

I’m sure that I would be a good host. I’m very friendly and sociable.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely

Taras Petrenko