2. Choose the career! - Check your skills


1.   My cousin Liza is an interpreter. She gets a good salary. Liza speaks English and French fluently. She studied at the university and travelled a lot. It helped her to improve her language skills, learn more about culture and traditions. Liza has an experience of working as an interpreter for seven years.

My older brother Denis is a manager. His job is well-paid. Although it is sometimes difficult to get in touch with him during the day, but his profession is very interesting.

First he graduated from a university where he got Master’s degree in economics. Denis’ work requires a lot of teamwork. I know he is quite successful. I’m proud of him.

As for me... Well, I am a secretary at a textile factory. We receive many letters of application, because our factory offers good work conditions. Next years I am going to get a Bachelor degree in psychology and to apply for position of a personnel manager. I know the director needs a person who can help to work with the stuff.



1. A: How long have you been being at university?

B: Started two years ago. I’m in my third year now.

A: Do you live with your parents?

B: I had been living with them for the first two years but then I moved into

a student hostel last September and

I have lived there since then.

2.   A: Has your brother found a job yet? B: Yes, he has just started work in a hotel.


3a. It is a formal letter.

3b. Name: Irina Fedirko Age: 16 Sex: Female

Knowledge of English: have no problem communicating with the English- speaking visitors

Experience: organized a performance with the school’s drama group, had an experience in working with young people. Lack of Experience: have no experience in organizing games.

Likes: handball and babysitting. Dislikes: not very good at sitting in a classroom for a long.

The reason of applying: to improve English and to get an experience in organizing.


A junior school teacher in Britain:

a.   earns about 16 thousand pound year

b.   trains for 3 years

c.   works about 9 hours a day

d.   starts work at about 8 o’clock

e.   finishes work at about 5 o’clock

4c. How many years did you spend at university training?

How many hours do you work a day?

At what time do you usually start your work?

When do you finish your work?