Ex. 1, p. 41.

I have usually meals four times a day, They are breakfast, lunch at the University (rare), dinner and supper. Dinner is the substantial meal of a day. It consists of 3 courses. We can't imagine Russian dinner without a plate of soup. The second course is meat and fish with potatoes, macaroni, with vegetable salad, for dessert we eat a glass of juice, compote or tea. Potatoes, pancakes, cereals are usually cooked in my family as for me I can prepare a fried egg or a scrambled egg, make fried tea, I am busy and spend much time at school.

Sometimes I eat here in the canteen Foods may be useful or unhealthy. High fat food, sweets are bad for our teeth, make us fat, -Juice, fruit and vegetables, meat gives my energy, contain a lot of vitamins. In order tut stay healthy it's important to have a balanced diet — in other words, food that contains something from each of the three main groups of food,