Ex. 4, p. 19.

I chose to be а teacher of English as a second language because it will be a chance to fulfill my dream of helping people to learn the foreign language. I think I possess the qualities necessary for being a good teacher. I am hard workіng, kind hearted, and broadminded. I want to devote myself to teaching different people., especially children. It will be a very challenging work for me — I will need to use all my knowledge, skills and imagination to find the right approach for every single student and make the process of studying ай creative and interesting, as possible. So, I think that I have made the right choice.

An economist exercises different functions. He or she can determine the structure of an enterprise and calculate costs as well as probable profits. An economist analyses the condition of the market and prospects for its development in the future. His or her practical use of electronic computers is a must. The activities of an economist at an enterprise range from bookkeeper control the financial state of an enterprise and perform a Jot of useful calculations. A manager is an actual administrator.

Having a good command of the economic situation in the region and the demands of the market a person with an economist’s diploma may establish his own business, or he may become a partner of a joint venture. It is very important for an economist to know a foreign language, especially English. That is because contracts between our country and many countries of the world are becoming wider with every coming day. Every economist has a chance to go abroad or to deal with foreign businessmen coming to our country. But to become a good economist one must work hard I and get not only theoretical knowledge but also great practical skills.