Ex. 2, p. 38


a. greasy

b. crunchy

c. chewy;

d. crispy

e. creamy


a. chewy

b. crunchy;

c. crispy;

d. creamy;

e. greasy;

c) Chicken soup: salty, healthy, delicious, tasty, hot, good.

Green salad: healthy, juicy, delicious, good, crispy, sour.

Steak and chips: spicy, salty, fattening, delicious, disgusting, hot, crunchy, greasy, tasteless.

Curry: spicy, delicious, tasty.

Roast beef and potatoes: spicy, salty, fattening, delicious, disgusting, hot, good, greasy.

Fish and chips: spicy, salty, juicy, disgusting, hot, bad, crunchy, tasteless. Ice cream: sweet, fattening, creamy, delicious, tasty, good.

Fresh fruit salad: sweet, healthy, juicy, delicious, tasty, good, crispy, sour. Chocolate cake: sweet, fattening, creamy, disgusting, tasty, bad, chewy. Oranges: sweet, healthy, juicy, tasty, good, sour.