8. Do you like sports? - Check your skills


1.   Last night, Germany won Spain 3:2 in their World Cup qualifying match. At half-time, the Germans won 2:0. But Spain scored two goals in the second half and it looked as if they were going to draw 2:2. But in the final minute Germany won the match thanks to a penalty taken by their captain. This was the second match against Germany that Spain had lost Spain’s goalkeeper who had fallen ill before.


2.   1. We were late. When we had arrived everyone finished their lunch and they sat in the garden having coffee.

2.   I ran to the station bur the six o’clock train had already leaved. The station was empty except for three people who waited for the next train.

3.   They drove to the airport when they suddenly had remembered that they hadn't turned off the central heating.

4.   The match had already started when we turned on the TV. Scotland lost 1:0 and they played very badly.


6. The achievements of the legendary Klychko brothers have made them an example of courage and will to win.

7. In wrestling Elbrus Tadeiev won the highest award at the Olympiad in Athens.

8.   The Olympic victories of Ukrainian athletes are: 400 trophies, including 180 gold medals.

9. Ukraine ranks with the world's 20 leading Olympic countries.


4.   1.C. the sports hall

2.   E. the fitness training room

3.   F. the tennis courts

4.   D. general activity rooms

5.   A. the bowls hall

6.   G. the solarium room

7.   H. the cafeteria

8.   B. the sportsman's bar

3.   1 The most popular game in Ukraine is football (soccer).

2.   The lion’s share of success in football belongs to the club ‘Dynamo" Kyiv that started its history in 1924.

3.  It was Oksana Baiul who won the first gold medal in figure skating

4.   The gold fish of Ukraine is Yana Klochkova. The gymnast Valery Honcharov and champions in calisthenics Lilia Podhopaeva and Kateryna Serebrtonska showed their fantastic results in world championships and Olympic Athens.

5.   Vasyl Virastiuk holds the title of the Strongest Man on Earth.