8. Do you like sports? - Speaking


1. What sports do you do? — I go in for football.

2.   What football team do you support?

— I support Manchester United from England.

3.   What is the most popular game in your country (in Britain, the USA)?

— Football and volleyball are the most popular kinds of sport in Ukraine. American football, baseball and basketball are the most popular kinds of sport in USA. Football and cricket arc the most popular kinds of sport in England.

4.   What sport games can be played all the year round? — Football, volleyball, basketball can be played all the year round.

5.   What summer (winter) sports do you prefer? — I prefer skiing, skating in winter and swimming in summer.

6. What the difference between 'a sport’ and `a game’. —- We go in for sports and play game. We don’t play in sport.

7. What sports and games do you know? — Football, volleyball, basketball can be as sports as game.

8.   What games take the first place in public interest? — I think that in our country football takes the first place in public interest.

9.   What is the great national sport in England? — Football and cricket are the great national sport in England.

10.  What outstanding sportsmen of

our country do you know? — Andrei Shevchenko is a greatest footballer. Vitally and Vladimir Klichko are outstanding boxers. Liliya Podkopaeva is famous Ukrainian gymnast.

11.  Where were the first (last) Olympic Games held? — The first Olympic Games were held in Ancient Greece. The last Olympic Games were held in 2010 in Canada.

12.  What do spectators do at the stadium?

— They support their favourite team or a sportsman.

13.  Who usually likes tobogganing?

— Bobsleiers like tobogganing.

14.  Do you play draughts (chess)?

— Yes. I do.

15.  Do you attend hockey matches?

— No. I don’t.

16.  Do we have champions in all kind of sports? — No. we don’t.

17.  In what season is cricket played? —People play cricket in summer.

18.  What is the reason for smaller popularity of football in Britain? — In Britain football is the most popular kind of sport. That's why there aren't any reasons for smaller popularity of football in Britain.

19.  What kind of game is cricket as compared to football? — Cricket is slower than football.


1. If I were you. I’d... (a. c)

2.   Have you considered...? (b)

3.   Why don't you...? (a, c)

4.   I think you should... a, c)

5.   Have you thought about...? (b, d)

6.   You might enjoy... (a. b, c, d)


The game of football is any of several similar team sports, of similar origins which involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal. It is played in stadium or in sports hall. The players wear in identical forms: football shirt and shorts. Every team has two kinds of football forms. In football every team wants to win. They score the goals as much as they can. At its core, football is a game with two teams of eleven players, played over the course of 90 minutes. This period is split into two 45-minute halves. The objective of the game is to score more 'goals' than the opposition. The term ‘goal’ refers to two areas either side of the pitch, each one defended by one of the teams. A ‘goal’ is scored by depositing the ball into the opponent’s area. Football rules arc also simple. Football can be played on a natural or artificial surface. However, the shape of the field must be rectangular, with the dimensions of 90-120 metres long by 45-90 metres wide. Notably, the guidelines for international matches are stricter (100-110 metres x 64-75 metres). One of the eleven is classified as the goalkeeper and permitted to handle the ball in his team's penalty area. The eleven players are supplemented by the option to bring on a maximum of three substitutes from a prc-decided list of three to seven players (the number of substitutes permitted is slightly higher for international friendly matches). The referee adjudicates the match in collaboration with two linesmen (properly referred to as ‘referee’s assistants') and a fourth official, situated on the touchline, if necessary. A coin toss takes place just before the game starts, the winner of which will get the choice of choosing which end to attack or whether to kick- off. Should they choose to kick-off then the other captain will he allowed elect which end to attack in the first half? Should the winner decide to choose which end to attack then the loser can choose whether to kick-off in the first or second half?