8. Do you like sports? - Grammar


1. A. Fast Simple

2.   D. Past Perfect Continuous

3.   C. Past Perfect

4.   B. Past Continuous

2.   1. It had been raining all day and the roads were very wet.

2.   When has she chosen to take a course in English?

3. Tom had been thinking about his answer during the lunch break.

4.   Dan was an angry. He was waiting for Linda for two hours.

5. Students opened their books and did the exercise.

6. The teacher had smiled as he was reading Kate’s essay.

7.   It was easy for him to get lost because he hadn’t been in a big city before.

8.   Tom listened to the teacher while the others were taking notes.


1. I had reviewed grammar rules before the test when my computer started to blink.

2. She was upset, because she hadn’t managed to prepare for the test.

3.   Were they nervous before a teat yesterday?

4.  John was reading ail economic book, while Tom was looking through some magazines.       I

5.   I do not remember exactly how long ago it was.

6.   Roger didn't give any explanation why he had been late to school.

7.   I felt very tired when I came home so I went straight to bed.

8.   Mr Pritt took his case and leaved.

9.   What were you doing at 10 o'clock yesterday morning?

10.  I wanted to borrow that new book but she had already lent it to someone.


1. B. Future Continuous

2.   A. Future Simple

3.   C. be going to


1. I will be remembering this day for the rest of my life.

2. Are you going Australia next Christmas?

3.   I’m sure you will pass your exam successfully.

4. George says he is going to do the washing up after dinner.

5.   What will you do this evening?

6.   You look tired. I'll help you finish the paperwork.

7.   Why don’t you go out and have some fan? You won't always be young.

8.   We have to go now. The last train leaves at 11:30 pm.

9.   This time next week I will be flying across the Atlantic.

10.  I hope I will be earning my first million before I am thirty.


1. He will come if you ask him.

2.   I wonder what I wilt do this time next year.

3.   Look! I am going to paint this room blue and the sitting room green.

A. All right. I have a pound.

5.   Will you not climb the mountain after all?

We are going to climb and fish.

6.   If you leave your keys with the hall porter he will take the car round the garage.

7.   I was not showing any films this tine. The projector’s broken down.

8.   When you next see me I will wear my new dress.

9.   It is nearly autumn; soon the leaves will change colour.

10.  Do you need your camera tomorrow or can I borrow it?