8. Do you like sports? - Vocabulary


Michael Jordan is a star of basketball.

My mother plays volleyball.

My father goes in for hunting.

I go in for athletics.

My sister plays chess.

Vitally Klichko is a star of boxing.


A swimmer goes in for swimming.

A footballer goes in for football.

An athlete goes in for athletics.

A basketballer goes in for basketball.

A chess-player plays chess.

A tennis player plays tennis.


a court — tennis a course — sailing a ring — boxing

a stadium — football a rink — skating a track — cycling a slope — mountaineering


Argentina beat Germany 2:1 last Saturday.

Milan has won the match 3:0.

The Chicago Bulls lost 78:91 to Celtic. Spain drew with Brazil 2:2.


1. tennis court (b)

2.   athletics track (d)

3.   ski slope (i)

4.   get feet (c)

5.   captain (a)

6.   coach (e)

7.   referee (h)

8.   warm up (j)

9.   train (f)

10.  spectators (g)