8. Do you like sports? - Reading


1. Mark's favourite sport is football, (true)

2. Mark is an armchair sportsmen, (false)

3.   Billy is very interested in sports, (false)

4. Billy likes meeting his friends in pubs, (true)

5.   Liz used to do lots of sports, (false)

6. Liz dreams to become a tennis professional, (true)

7. Suzie always listens to cricket commentaries on her radio. (false)

8.   Suzie loves sport very much, (false)


a) the sport activities at your school or sports club

If you want to keep fit you must go in for one kind of sport or another. Sport is an essential part of my daily life. Every morning all the year round I do my morning exercises. Almost every day I do some training. In summer I go swimming or rowing. During my summer holidays I go on hikes. I usually spend my winter holidays in the country where I ski, skate or toboggan. I also go in for track-and-field (athletics) events. Different sports and games are popular with my classmates. All my friends go in for different kinds of sport, such as water polo, gymnastics, horse-racing, wrestling, fencing, weightlifting, boxing, ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating, football, basketball, volleyball, etc. We have fine teams at our school and different kinds of competitions take place there. The boys of my school are crazy about football, they play football and the girls arc football fans. The girls never miss a single match played by school teams.


b) the general rules of volleyball The complete rules are extensive. But simply, play proceeds as follows: A player on one of the teams begins a 'rally' by serving the ball (tossing or releasing it and then hitting it with a hand or arm), from behind the back boundary line of the court, over the not, and into the receiving team's court. The receiving team must not let the hall be grounded within their court. They may touch the ball as many as three times. Typically, the first two touches are to set up for an attack, an attempt to direct the ball back over the net in such a way that the serving team is unable to prevent it from being grounded in their court. The rally continues, with each team allowed as many as three consecutive touches, until either (1): a team makes a kill, grounding the ball on the opponent’s court and winning the rally: or (2): a team commits a fault and loses the rally. The team that wins the rally is awarded a point, and serves the ball to start the next rally. A few of the most common faults include: causing the ball to touch the ground outside the opponents' court or without first passing over the net; catching and throwing the ball: double hit: two consecutive contacts with the ball made by the same player; four consecutive contacts with the ball made by the same team. Net foul: touching the net during play. The ball is usually played with the hands or arms, but players can legally strike or push (short contact) the ball with any part of the body.

c)   a track and field tournament Variety of sport competitions held on a running track and on the adjacent field. It is the oldest form of organized sports, having been a part of the ancient Olympic Games from c. 776 BC to AD 393. Modern events include various sprint and middle- and long-distance races, relay races, hurdling, steeplechase, high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus throw, hammer throw, javelin throw, decathlon, pentathlon, and heptathlon. Cross-country running, marathons, and speed walking, which are rarely held on a track, are usually considered adjuncts of athletics. Events arc held indoors and outdoors, and records are kept separately; some events are modified or eliminated for indoor competition.

d)   the gym you train in Gymnastics is an activity involving performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, and grace.

e) the most important sports event at your school or city sports club during the last winter

The most important sports events at my school arc competitions of running, swimming and football. In my city every winter there are competition of skiing and skating between different schools.