8. Do you like sports?


1. Football is (e)

2. Surfing is (a)

3. Skiing is (d)

4. Motor-racing is (c)

5. Boxing is (b)


Do you play any games? Which is your favourite game? Who taught you to play it? — Yes, I do. My favourite game is football. My father taught me to play it.

Are you a football fan? Who is your favourite football player? What team do you support? Do young boys dream of becoming football players? Why? — Yes. I am. I am a football fan. Andrei Shevchenko is my favourite football player. I support Manchester United from England. Young boys dream of becoming football players. It is a prestigious kind of sport all over the world.

Fishing is a pleasant kind of sport, isn't it? What qualities does it require?

— Yes, it is. It is a pleasant kind of sport. It requires acquired habits and the deftness.


A. I know it's only a dream at the moment. But maybe it’ll come true. (3)

B. This and reading the sports pages in the paper are my kinds of sport. (1)

C.   How can you stay fit when your body is under pressure all the time? (4)

D.   For example, last year some of us went on a big holiday trip to Italy, which was great fun. Anyway, sport keeps you fit and healthy, doesn't it? (2)