7. The world of painting - Check your skills



1. had been expect

2.   had opened

3.   had a chance

4.   had been waiting for

5.   had heard

6.   had breakfast


2.   Museum of Art was founded in 1919 on the basis of the private collection of Kyiv archaeologist Bohdan Khanenko. The Green Cabinet features the collection of Medieval Art, the Golden Cabinet contains objects of Rococo epoch and in the Red Cabinet you can find paintings of Renaissance period. There are 17 000 exhibits in the museum funds. Among the exhibits are the paintings of Bellini. Hals. Reynolds. Rubens, the masterpiece 'Infant Margaret’ by Velazquez and unique Byzantine / Sinai icons of the 6-7th centuries written by wax paint. Interesting exhibits are presented at the Department of Oriental Art: piece of Coptic fabric with the picture of horseman (5-6 centuries), ritual Chinese bell (1st century BC), excellent Chinese paintings on the scrolls (15-20th centuries) and Japanese paintings.



1. c) National Art Museum of Ukraine

2. b) 15th century

3. c) 21 halls

4. b) the wooden relief of St George

5. a) 19th century

6. b) contemporary painters



1775. William Turner was born in Devonshire

1787. His first drawing are dated 1796. He began to exhibit oil paintings as well as water-coloured 1851. Turner died in London