7. The world of painting - Writing


1. What must a well-written paragraph or essay have?

2. Where does the word ‘coherence’ come from?

3. How can you achieve coherence in writing?

4.   What does it mean?

5.   Cohesive devices are various methods of connecting sentences to each other, aren’t they?

6.   What do they include?

7.   Are translations or spellings the most common type of linking words?

8.   What types of logical ordering do you know?

9. We put the paragraphs together by using linking words, don’t we?


b) Firstly (at first, first of all) Secondly (second, then, after that)

For instance (as an example, for example)

Last but not least (finally, in conclusion)

All things considered (to tally up, summarize)


1. D. interesting/unusual facts

2.   A. addressing reader directly

3.   B. a rhetorical question

4.   C. a quotation

6.   a) for and against

d) Does each paragraph have a topic sentence? — Yes. it does.

Do supporting sentences give enough details to explain each point? — Yes, they do.

Is a concluding sentence used? — Yes, it is.

Are translational words and phrases used correctly and effectively? — Yes, they are.

7.   Role of art in our life

Art is an all-embracing notion (music, painting, theatre, literature and so on). Art had the most important role in the development of the mankind. The first were found on walls of ancient caves. So we can guess that painting was the first way of art. Painting is the most understandable way of art, because it gives us the most full and vivid impression. Art has great influence on our souls, feelings, forms our moral values. Art forms our outlook and enriches our inner world. Art influences greatly the development and of evolution of consciousness of a person and of the mankind. Art makes us think of the sense of life, how people must live, what is ideal of beauty, what is love, — the eternal questions. Art helps us to understand people who lived hundred years ago and to learn the history of the mankind. Art creates our notion about beauty and harmony. Art helps people to understand outside world and each other’s. Art develops our good qualities. Art has a great educational significance.

Art brings people up — makes them more humane and kind. The language of art is universal. The landscape isn’t painted so exactly. There is a piece of blue-grey sky in the right-corner of the picture, but on the horizon the clouds are condensing. The forest behind the lady isn't green, it is obscure and gloomy. Predominant colour is brown. There is a sharp contrast between lighted up figure and dark landscape. The figure is close to the observer than to the landscape. So the figure doesn’t blend with the landscape. The posture of the lady is very natural. Her eyes are gazed before and upper herself. She is deep in her thoughts.