7. The world of painting - Speaking


1. Do you often go to museums? — No, I don’t.

2.   When did you go to a museum last? — Last time I went to museum two years ago.

3. Where is the museum situated?

— This museum is situated in Kharkiv.

4.   Who built it? — It was built by Kharkiv architects.

5.   What can you tell about the expositions of the museum? — There are different beautiful expositions of Aivazovskyi. Repin and many others.


1. (C) 4 say. Nick, what are you doing on Sunday?

2.   (E) Oh; that's wonderful. I’ve been at the historical museum in Lviv. It's really worth visiting.

3.   (A) Well, there are many things dating back to ancient times: national embroidery. collections of coins, glassware, all kinds of weapons, articles made of bone, stone, iron or silver and different manuscripts.

4.(D) Oh. yes. and by the way, it’s very rich.

5.(B) Have a nice journey.