7. The world of painting - Grammar


When I went to bed. I had turned off the radio.

I was really hungry as I hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast.

I had forgotten to clean my teeth before I got into bed.

By midnight, I had finished the magazine article.

I watched TV after we had finished dinner.


1 A. We tired the house and then the visitors arrived.

2.   B. His mum came home and then he went to bed.

3.   B. Nick saw the film and then he read the book.

4.   B. John arrived before Ms Williams.

5. A. They had dinner and then Lilly arrived.


1. Tanya hadn't finished doing the housework by five o’clock, so she called Nadia to tell her she would be late.

2.   She didn’t eat anything at the party because she had already eaten at home.

3. He had just finished his homework when the teacher came in.

4. By the time I arrived the play had started.


1. There was an open book on the sofa, (c — after he had been reading)

2.   The ground was wet. (d — because it had been raining)

3.   Her eyes were red. (a — when she had been crying)

4.   There was an empty box on the floor, (b — after they had been eating pizza)

5.   He was out of breath, (c — while he had been running)


1. When I arrived they had been waiting for over half an hour.

2.   They were hot, because they had been dancing.

3. When I got there, they hadn’t been waiting long.

4.   She was tired because she had been running.

5.   The garden was flooded because it had been raining all night.


1. a) told

2.   b) been flying

3.   b) been doing

4.   b) been drinking

5.   a) given