7. The world of painting


1. What is the difference between a drawing and painting? — The word 'painting' normally refers to a ’bitmap’ image. This is a graphic made up of many tiny coloured squares called ’bits’ which are ‘mapped’ on a background to give the illusion of ’continuous tone’ shadings, such as those seen in a photograph. These images arc also often referred to as ’raster’ graphics. With a ‘drawing’ program, on the other hand, one normally creates images by establishing points that are connected by straight or curved lines, resulting in shapes such as a rectangle or an oval. The shapes can then be filled with colours resulting in a red heart or a green shamrock. Many of the cartoon-style ’clipart’ drawings found on the Web are considered drawings rather than paintings. These drawings are also often referred to as ’vector’ graphics.

2.   What are the subjects of your favourite picture? — My favourite pictures about the nature and sea.

3.   What is your favourite painting? — My favourite picture is ‘Ship in the Stormy Sea’ by Ivan Aivazovskyi.

4.   What is your favourite painter? — My favourite painter is Ivan Aivazovskyi.


Ukrainian painters are Dmitry Levitzky, Eugenie Chuikov. Alexander Bogomazov, Ivan Trush, Maria Prymachenko and many others.