6. Is the earth in danger? - Check your skills



1. If I was taller, I would play in a basketball team.

2.   If they were more careful, that Monday accident would happen.

3.   If I was you. I'd do this work yesterday.

1. If I meet him. you will be the first to know.

5.   If our guests stay a bit longer, they will be able to meet our parents.

6.   If you were not in a hurry, they would explain everything to you.

7.   They wouldn’t have Invited you to join the English club. If they had known you do not speak English.

8.   If you see them tomorrow, please, let them know I am coming this weekend.



This summer there will probably be a lot of forest fires as always during the hot weather. These fires will not only destroy thousands of trees but could destroy homes as well. What arc the causes of forest fires?

Some fires will simply be the result of natural causes, particularly in hot. dry weather. But this can’t explain why fires occur at other times, when the weather is not so hot. For example, when a fire starts in several different

places at the same time, it can't be an accident; It must be because someone starts it. We can reduce the number of fires by employing more people to guard the forests, but this can't be something the government can’t afford.



1. Our planet suffers from our activities.

2. Sometimes the Earth warns of the danger of killing the planet and ourselves.

3. We must be careful not to provoke to some extend natural disasters.

4. Such natural disasters as landslides, typhoons, earthquakes or droughts make big problems.

5. Different countries send to the area of natural disaster food and medical supplies, as well as doctors, nurses, blankets, tents and clothes.

6.   Natural disasters teach us to be merciful to the other people and to our planet — the Earth.



1. What are they? C

2.   Why do they happen? B

3.   Where do they happen? E

4.   How do they affect people? D

5.   What can people do? A