6. Is the earth in danger? - Speaking


1. Have you ever heard or read of any natural disaster? Yes, I have. I have heard and read about tsunami. A tsunami is a wave of water caused by the displacement of a body of water. It can be caused by undersea earthquakes or by meteorological phenomena.

2.   Have you ever experienced a disaster? No, I haven’t. I haven’t ever experienced a disaster.

3. Can you name some disasters? Yes, I can. For example, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, a drought, a blizzard, an avalanche, an earthquake, a flood, a tornado, a hailstorm, a hurricane, a fire.

4. What do you think of people who throw away cigarette butts and cause fires during the summer? I think that smoking is dangerous not only for nature, but very perilous for people’s health.

5. What natural disasters can occur in Ukraine? When and where was the last one? There were two floods in Transcarpathia — in 1999 and in 2001. It is possible to clearly define natural and manmade causes of these floods. The natural factor was dominating since an entire month’s worth of precipitation fell in one day.