6. Is the earth in danger? - Vocabulary


1. Carelessness is often the reason of fires.

2.   The cause of the accident is still not known.

3.   What is the reason of lightning?

4. Scientists attribute changes in the weather to natural cause.

5.   The reason of earthquakes is the heat inside the earth.

6.   Never stay away from school without good cause.

7.   There is no cause to suppose he will forget.

8.   What was the reason for your refusal to go there?


Land movement disasters: avalanches; earthquakes; landslides; volcanic eruption.

Water disasters: tsunamis; floods; hailstorms.

Weather disasters: blizzards; hurricanes; heat waves; fires; ice storms; tornadoes; droughts


The airport in Quito was closed yesterday because of the damage that volcanic ash could cause to flights. The ash thrown up by the volcano Guagua Pichincha could also cause serious damage to agriculture. It might make breathing difficult for people and animals. At one moment, it looked as if the volcano might erupt slowly. This slow eruption could last for months or even years.

The mayor of Quito said: « We must learn to live next to this volcano. What else can we do? There is 10 per cent chance that it will be a long calm eruption. People should wear special masks when they go outside. We will continue to keep an eye on the situation, and we will inform the public of any other measures they should take."