6. Is the earth in danger?


drought 3; typhoon 9; volcano eruption 8; flood 2; tsunami 1; earthquake 5; tornado 7; famine 4; forest fire 6



This article describes the flood.


1. What natural disaster did occur in Western Ukraine in 2008? C

2.  What happened to the national route ‘Kyiv-Chop’ in 2008? B

3. What natural disasters are becoming more frequent in Ukraine? A

4.   What are the causes of frequent floods in Zakarpattya? B

5.   What is a natural disaster? C

6.   What is a natural hazard? A

7.   What is the relationship between natural hazards? B

8.   What does ‘to respond to natural disasters effectively’ mean? C


1. What are they? D

2. Why do they happen? B

3. Where do they happen? A

4. How do they affect people? E

5. What can people do? C


1. A tornado is one of the names of cyclonic storm that forms over the ocean. It is caused by evaporated water that comes from the ocean. Typhoon is another name for it.

2.   Hailstorms are rain drops that have formed together into ice.

3.   Floods are the result of prolonged rainfall from a storm, rapid melting of large amounts of snow, or rivers which rise up their levels of water.

4.   An earthquake is a phenomenon that results from a sudden release of stored

energy that radiates seismic waves. It shows itself by a shaking of the ground.

5. An avalanche is a slide of a large snow (or rock) mass down a mountainside. It is one of the major dangers faced in the mountains in winter.

6.   A tsunami is a wave of water caused by the displacement of a body of water. It can be caused by undersea earthquakes or by meteorological phenomena.

7. A heat wave is a hazard characterized by heat which is considered extreme and unusual in the area in which it occurs.

8.   A landslide is a closely related to an avalanche, but instead of occurring with snow, it occurs involving actual elements of the ground, including rocks, trees, parts of houses etc. which may happen to be swept up. It can be caused by an earthquake or a volcanic eruption.

9. A blizzard is a severe winter storm condition characterised by low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy blowing snow.

10. A hurricane is a natural disaster resulting from a thunderstorm. It is a violent, rotating column of air, which can blow at speeds between 48 and 50 km/h and possibly higher. It can occur one at a time or can occur along lines occupying large areas.

11. A volcanic eruption is the point which a volcano is active and releases its power, and the eruptions come in many forms.

12. A drought is defined as an acute shortage of water and crop failure. It is an abnormally dry period when there is not enough water to support water needs.

13.  A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire burning in wildland areas. Common causes include lightning and drought but they may also be started by human carelessness.