5 Communication technologies - Grammar


a. move across/down/up a web page or other document on a computer screen; 4.   scroll across/down/up

b.   show a clear and detailed picture of something or show something in less detail; 7. zoom in/out

c. put your name into a computer so that you can start using it; 2. log in/on

d. connect to the Internet and access e-mails I pick up something

e.   make a copy of computer information so that you do not lose it; 6. back (something) up

f. finish using a computer system; 3. log off/out

g.   get into someone else’s computer system without permission in order to look at information or do something illegal;

5.   hack into


3. When you need to have a printed copy of an electronic document you should click on the icon — to print it out

5.   Would you like to access e-mail? Then click on the icon — to pick up your e-mail

4. When you need to move down/up a webpage or other document on a computer screen, then click on the icon — to scroll up or down to the top of the page 1   and 2. To show a clear and detailed picture of something you’d click on the icon — to zoom in


1. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find the data you want.

2.   On these disks you’ll find a backup of all the data connected with the project.

3.   If you find it hard to see the detail in the picture, zoom in so you can see more. Then click on the same icon again to zoom out and the picture will go back to normal size.

4. Although I’ll be working away from the office for a couple of weeks, I’ll still pick up my e-mails every day.

5. I logged in to this new website last night. Let me give you the address so that you can check it out.


1. It took ages to print the whole report out.

2.   Henry went into a cyber cafe' in Bangkok to pick up his e-mails.

3. For security reasons, always log off when you leave your computer unattended for any period of time.

4. Mark was very upset when he realized that someone had hacked into his computer.

5.   His secretary is very quick at keying in data.

6.   The ability to zoom in/out is particularly useful when you are working on detailed diagrams.