4. National cuisine - Check your skills


1.   The English like what they call good plain food. They must be able to recognize what they are eating. Usually they like fish and chips, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and beef steak.

Afternoon tea is taken at about 5 o’clock, but it can hardly be called a meal. It is a cup of tea and cake or biscuits. At the weekends afternoon tea is a special occasion. Friends and visitors are often invited to have a chat over a cup of tea. Dinner is the most substantial meal of the day. It is usually eaten at 7 o’clock. The first course may be soup though the English don’t like it very much. The main course will often be fish or meat, perhaps the traditional roast beef of old England, and a lot of vegetables. The next course will be something sweet and often cooked, such as a fruit pie. Last of all there may be cheese, often with biscuits.

It is common knowledge that the English are very fond of tea. They like to have ‘a nice cup of tea’ 6 or 8 times a day, sometimes even more.

On Christmas Day a roast turkey is traditionally cooked for dinner. It is usually followed by Christmas. Long before Christmas housewives begin to plan what cake to make for Christmas. Usually they make fantastic Christmas cakes.



1. If I was in Bukovyna I would help myself to brynza.

2.   If I had some dried fruit I would make uzvar or kysil.


I could make kvas if I would have some dried bread.

4.   If you were in Poltava you would be invited to taste Ukrainian borsch with halushkas.

5. If you asked me what dessert I’d like to have

I would mention about apple pie first.


1. George opened up a restaurant in Canada. (F)

They mainly serve international dishes. (T)

George thinks everybody knows the English to be excellent cooks. (F)

The chef of the restaurant is Argentinian. (T)

They have traditional English breakfasts and typical English desserts on the menu.(T)

English dishes are not much popular in Argentina. (T)

George misses a wonderful French cheese — Roquefort. (F)

Stilton is English blue cheese. (T)



(1) Cook the beetroot, carrots and green beans in 2 It of water.

(2)  Add the rest of the cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and dill and let them cook.

(3)  Prepare thickener.

(4)  Add thickener to borsch.

(5)  Add cream and garlic and cook.

(6)  Taste, add salt.

(7)  Serve.