4. National cuisine - Writing


1. Our school trip last September was a complete trouble. — A bad topic sentence.

2. Only twenty tickets were sold for tonight’s concerts. — A bad topic sentence.

3. Secondary education in Ukraine.

—  A good topic sentence.

4.   The legal age for driving a car should be 21 for several reasons. — A bad topic sentence.

5. A good teacher has 3 important characteristics. — A bad topic sentence. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 are bad topic sentences because they don’t introduce the subject of a paragraph. The second sentence has a clear point of you.


1. A close friend is not always a best friend.

2.   Fast Food is very popular.

3. Future Career is the main question for the graduates.


In recent years a number of restaurants, bars and cafes have opened in Ukraine, offering excellent food with high standards of service.

‘Blue Hawaii’ Kharkiv’s only Polynesian restaurant. Offering an interior done up like a beach shack and waiters with Hawaiian shirts. You may find guests

doing the conga when you arrive. ‘Blue Hawaii’ is basically a barbecue restaurant, you may choose fish or meat with a variety of sauces (teriyaki, red curry) once it’s been grilled. "Blue Hawaii" also offers the expected range of sweet summery cocktails, a lot of fruits and Hawaiian sweets. «Blue Hawaii» has its charms — and guesses what? It's cheap!