4. National cuisine - Use your english


1. His diet is terrible: he eats too many sweet things.

2.   Strict vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish.

3.   Raw vegetables have more vitamins than when they are cooked.

4.   I love home-made food but I don’t have much time to cook.

5.   She likes her steak well done.

6.   I'm very busy so ] often just buy a frozen meal and heat It up in the microwave.

7.   Our biggest meal of the day is usually lunch.

8.   She doesn’t like Mexican food because it is too spicy.

9.   Our typical Sunday lunch is roast chicken. I especially like the wings.

10.  We often buy takeaway food on Fridays — either Chinese or Indian food.


1. If I had lettuce, celery, cucumbers and parsley I would make a tasty green salad.

2. We’d can serve a wonderful cake if he did not spoil it.

3. She’d stay hungry if she was in Mexico because she hates spicy food.

4.   If dinner was ready we’d sit around the table at once.

5.   If I had an English Cookery Book I'd prepare some delicious specialties of English cuisine.

3. Have you ever tried English tea? — Yes, I’ve tried English tea.

Have you ever tried Chinese food?

— No, I have never tried Chinese food.

What do you know about traditional British food? — In the morning an English man has his breakfast. The main meal of the days is a called dinner. The usual midday meal consists of two courses. Afternoon tea means a cup of tea and a cake. The evening meal goes under various names: tea, «high tea», dinner or supper.

What do you get if you order traditional English breakfast? — I get conflates with milk and sugar, porridge, fried bacon and eggs, a toast and butter, some coffee and a roll.

Do you know what people in America usually eat for Thanksgiving? — They usually eat roast turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes and pumpkin pie.

4. The USA — Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, turkey, chicken, fast food

China — rice France — frogs, wine Italy — pizza, spaghetti Japan — seafood Mexico — spicy food

5a. I don’t share that view. I don’t think that English have no «cuisine» themselves. It is common knowledge the English a very fond of pudding and teas.

5b. If you had been there, which items could you have eaten?

I could have eaten frogs’ legs, pigs feet, caviar, tripe, brains, horsemeat, whale, pork, beef, lamb, veal.

Which items would you have eaten? Which items couldn’t have eaten? Why not?

I would have eaten pigs feet, tripe, pork, beef, lamb, veal. I couldn’t have eaten

black pudding, bird’s nest soup, shark fin soup, octopus. It seems to me that these items are not tasty and they are not popular in our country.

Do you know which countries they are popular in? Would you eat them, if you were starving?

I don’t know exactly, maybe they are popular in African and Asian countries. If I was starving I would eat them. What unusual things are eaten in our country? Has Ukraine got a national dish? How do you make it?

Mlyntsi, borsch, soup, varenyky, holubtsi, kholodets, salo are usually eaten in our country. Yes, we have got a national dish, it is borsch. In order to cook red Ukrainian borsch we boil 1 kg of meat in 2 l of water, add 1 tsp of salt. Pill and cut into small pieces one carrot, one beetroot, one onion, fry all vegetables, add 4-5 tomatoes. Put them into a pan; boil up, add cutted cabbage, season with a little pepper. Pill and cut into small pieces 5-6 large potatoes, put them into a pan with meat stock. Served with sour cream and seasoning.