4. National cuisine - Listening

1. Can you name:

One red fruit, one yellow fruit, one green fruit?

tomato, lemon, cucumber.

Two things that a strict vegetarian doesn’t eat?  meat, fish.

Three kinds of food which are made from milk?

cheese, butter, cream.

Four things people have for breakfast? tea, sugar, bread, butter.

Five things people eat between meals? fruit, cake, bun, sweet, sandwich.

Six vegetables you can put in a salad? tomato, cucumber, cabbage, onion, radish, lettuce.

Seven things which are usually on a table in a restaurant? mustard, salt, pepper, bread, napkins, table cloth, menu.

2.   Can you cook? What do you know how to make? — No, I can’t. I know how to make tea.

Who cooks in your house? — My mother does.

What is your favourite dish? Do you know how is it cooked? — My favourite dish is a chocolate cake. — Yes, I know how to cook it.

4.   Mix 150 grams of the flour and the egg with a fork. Slowly mix in 300 ml of milk and the oil. Put a little oil in the pan. Heat the pan. It must be very hot. Pour in two table-spoons of mixture. Cook for about 45 seconds. Toss the pancake once. Cook for another 45 seconds. Serve with a little sugar and lots of lemon juice.

5c. Vegetable soup. You’ll need tree onions, tree turnips, one carrot, four potatoes, a quarter of a pound of butter, a pound of ham, a bunch of parsley, a spoonful of flour, 4 pints of broth, a pint of boiling milk, season, salt, sugar.

Potatoes fried in slices. Large potatoes, lard or dripping, salt.

Stewed beef and pork. 2 pounds of well- soaked beef, a pound of soaked pork, six table spoonfuls of rice, 4 middle razed onions, a tablespoonful of sugar, pepper, salt, 4 pints of water.