4. National cuisine - Grammar


1. If you ate less, you would lose weight.

2. We would put more English dishes on the menu if we had an English chef in the restaurant.

3.   If I were you I'd prefer pudding for dessert.

4. We could cook more dishes if we had more various ingredients.

5.   If I had plums and brandy I would make a Christmas pudding.

6. If you made more cream I’d decorate the cake with it.


She’d get a better job if she took time to look for one.

If we had tickets, we'd be going to that concert.

I’d forget about it if I were you.

If Dick and Jean were here, they’d really enjoy the museums.

If you were in a hurry, we’d get there on time.


1. I’d see a dentist if I still had any teeth.

2. If it were less expensive, I’d buy a helicopter to get to work.

3.   If you didn’t need oxygen, you could live underwater.

4.   If Mary studied harder she would get better marks.

5. If we had a car we could get there more quickly.


1. I'd visit her if I had more time.

2.   If I were the Emperor of the world, I would ban work.

3. They would try harder if you gave them motivation.

4. We would get there if we had a bicycle.

5.   You would be healthier if you stopped smoking.

6.   I would visit you if I had the time.


1. If you were in England what dishes would you taste?

2.   Which food would you prefer to eat if you were hungry?

3. Which English dish would you help to if you were in England?

4.   Which items would you choose if you were proposed an English breakfast?

5. When would you have substantial meal if you were in England?



1. We'd have a pleasant walk if the storm was over. 2. They would start heating the rooms if it grew cold. 3. He’d let me know if he went to Kiev. 4. Harold would be late if he walked too slowly. 5. The dog would catch the stick if it was thrown into the river.


1. If it snowed, the streets would be cleared of snow. 2. If the weather kept dry, we’d have to water the flowers. 3. We wouldn’t see anything if the night was very dark. 4. The child wouldn’t able to sleep if he had a high temperature.

5.   The room would look warmer if the walls were painted yellow. 6. The dust and noise of the street wouldn’t reach us if the trees grow bigger.