4. National cuisine

1. Eggs, bacon, roast fish and meat, chicken, toasts, sandwiches with butter and cheese or sausage, pasta, soup, borsch, rise, porridge, tea. coffee, milk, beefsteaks, buns, cakes, pancakes, salads, ham, roles. pudding, chops, pears.

2.   I see holubtsi, varenyky and borsch. We have borsch almost every day and sometimes holubtsi and varcnyky.

3. What meal times are called in Britain? — They are breakfast, dinner, midday meal or lunch, afternoon tea and supper, What arc the ingredients of Christmas Pudding? — The ingredients arc the mixture of flow, bread-crumbs and eggs, raisins, currants, candied peel, chopped almonds and walnuts, grated carrot, brandy, whisky or old ale.



Meal the British usually eat

I. breakfast

cornflake with milk and sugar, porridge, fried bacon and toast and butter, fruit, cold ham or fish, coffee and roll.

2. main meal of the day

meat with vegetables, sweet pudding, stewed fruit, beefsteaks, chops, roast, fried fish and chips.

3. afternoon tea

a cup of tea and a cake.

4. high tea

Ham. tongue, tomatoes, salad, kipper, tinned salmon, sausage, bread and butter with strong tea, fruit, a tin of pears, apricot or pine apple with cream and custard, pastries or a bun.

5.   to consist (of) is used to say what something is made of

an occasion is important social event or ceremony

to stew means to cook something slowly in liquid5

a course is a particular style of cooking

a cuisine is a kind of food that is always very good in a particular area (or restaurant)

6.   What food was beloved by English people in the Middle Ages? — It was plum porridge.

What is the method to cook Christmas pudding nowadays? — It is basic mixture of flower, bread-crumbs and eggs, raisins, currants, candied peel, chopped almonds and walnuts, grated carrot and a good measure of brandy or ale.

What little ‘surprises' can we find in a slice of Christmas pudding? — We can find sixpenny bits, shillings, a tiny silver bell and a silver horseshoe in it.

What does ‘a good plain food' mean?

— It means beefsteaks, chops, roast beef and fried fish and chips.

What social occasion is connected with afternoon tea? — It is an occasion when people often come in for a chat.

What does 'high tea* consist of? — It consists of ham. tongue, tomatoes and salad, kipper or tinned salmon or sausage with strong tea. bread and butter, stewed fruit or a tin of pears, apricot or pineapple with cream and custard, pastries or a bun.

7.   borsch D varenyky F holubtsi C deruny H kholodets A salo E

domashnya kowbasa G mlyntsi B

8.   What is the difference between meals times in England and Ukraine? — Our food is plainer than in England. We usually have breakfast, dinner and supper.

Do national Ukrainian dishes differ from those of English? — Some of them are differ like borsch, varenyky, salo, others are just the same (porridge, toast, butter, fried fish).