3. Why go to school? - Check your skills



1. I’ll help you tomorrow if you still need help.

2.   If my parents do not work on Saturday, we all will go skiing.

3.   If the weather is fine next weekend, we’ll go to the country.

4.   I'll always help you this year if you need help.

5.   Granny sometimes will not hear if little Eddie calls her.



1. Mike thinks that the exams were very easy. (T)

2.   Pete agrees that exams were easy. (F)

3.   Pete thinks he failed in some exams. (T)

4.   Pete is going to read books now. (F)

5.   Mike is going to enter the university in October. (T)

6.   Pete has got to pass A level exams. (T)

7.   Pete is very successful in his study. (F)

8.   Mike likes reading too much. (T)

9. Pete doesn't know whether to go to university or join the army. (T)



1. When does school open and close? (B)

2. How are the boys organized? (E)

3. What about the curriculum, GCSE? and A levels? (A)

4. What languages do you teach? (C)

5. Do you have to play a particular sport? (F)

6. How easy is it to get in? (D)

Yes. I can read and understand about education.

Yes. I can listen and understand about schools.

Yes. I can talk about school life.

Yes. I can ask for opinions about educational systems, agree or disagree with them.

Yes, I can express your own opinions about schooling.

Yes. I can write an application letter for the course study.