3. Why go to school? - Speaking


1.   What does your classroom look like? Would you like to change anything about your class? — Our classroom is big and light. There are new 16 desks, a black board, one table and a chair for a teacher. As for as our classroom is specialized one there is a good equipment for chemical laboratory experiments, schemes and tables on the walls. I don’t want to change anythin about our class. There are a lot of flowers on windowsills.

What is your favourite subject? Why do you like it? — My favourite subject is English. I think it very much depends on the teacher of this or that subject. She is very tactful and patient. We never see her face angry or unfriendly and she is a very good professional.

How do you prepare for lessons? Do you often forget to do your homework? Are you a hard-working student? — When I come home I have dinner, then I rest a little. Sometimes I talk to my friends over the telephone. After that I start preparing for lessons. I do not often forget to do my homework. I am neither hard-working nor lazy student.

Have you ever been late for school? When? Why? What happened? — Yes, I have. I don’t exactly remember when but the main reason is the transport, I live far from my school.

Would you like to be a teacher? Why? Why not? — I don’t like to be a teacher because I think it is very hard to teach children. What kind of activities do you have

at school? Do you participate in any of them? — We have an opportunity to take part in dramatic, sport and art chubs. As far as I like basketball I participate in school and interschool sports competitions.


1. I started school at the age of 7.

2.   It was general educational school.

3.   I have never changed school.

4. I’m going to take Math, History, Ukrainian and English.

5.   As the most of friends and classmates I am going to enter the university or some other higher educational institution.