3. Why go to school? - Listening


1. In Great Britain school begins at the age of a) 5-6

2. The 1st schools to which children go are called c) infant schools

3.   They left their primary school when they arc b) 11

4. They take the national Genera] Certificate in Secondary Education exams at the age of e) 16

5.   To enter the British university you should a) take *A‘ level exams


1. Primary education includes infant schools and junior schools.

2.   Compulsory secondary education starts at the age of 11-12 and lasts 5 years.

3. Most British children get their secondary education at comprehensive school.

4. Many pupils at the age of 16 leave school and go to a college to choose more practical courses.

5.   Pupils who decide to enter a university should pass Advanced level exams.

6.   Secondary education is available to all children in Britain.

7.   Only less than 5% go to public schools.

8.   Private schools where 13-19 years olds study are called independent schools.

9.   The schools where pupils live and study arc called boarding schools.

10.  Many people believe that children should have equal opportunities at the start.

4. Schooling in Ukraine

General secondary education is compulsory. Post-secondary education is provided in different ways. Secondary school has three singles: primary, basic and senior. New types of schools appeared: gymnasiums, lyceums and private schools. Post-secondary education is available by vocational training schools. universities and institutes.

Higher education Rives different qualifications: junior specialist (Bachelor's), specialist. Master's Degree. Ukraine cooperates with more than 50 international educational organizations.

5. What do you know about the system of education in our country?

— Secondary education is free and compulsory. General educational schools have three stages: primary, basic and senior.

Is elementary school compulsory in Ukraine? — Yes, it is.

At what age do children start going to school in our country-? — At the age of 6. What types of schools arc there in Ukraine? — There arc primary, basic and senior schools and there are also new types of schools gymnasiums, lyceums and private schools for gifted children. An important role in the educational training schools. Post-secondary education is provided by technical schools and colleges training young specialists and institutions of higher learning: universities, academics and institutes. Which school subjects do you have? Why? — We have Math, Physics. Chemistry. Ukrainian. Russian and English languages. Ukrainian and World Literatures. History, Geography. Biology, Art, Music. PT and others.