3. Why go to school? - Grammar


If you drop that plate it will break into a million pieces.

If he doesn’t know the answer he can find the answer for you.

If you are hungry you can get something to eat.

If you call them now you can tell them you’ll be late.

If Carla doesn’t study she probably will fail the exam.

If I give you my number you can call me tomorrow.

If you don’t want to read it I’ll throw the magazine away.

If you hurry you can still get the early train.

If she arrives late she will miss the opening ceremony.


1. If I don’t get into university I’ll be a shop assistant.

2.   I'll have a big party if I have enough money.

3.   If I pass my exams well I’ll go to the Black Sea with my friend.

4. We won’t get a plane if you don’t hurry.

5. If I get my first salary I’ll buy a gift for my parents.

6. You’ll fail the exam if you don’t study.

7.   He’ll be late for work if he doesn’t get the early bus.


1. Don’t wait for me if I am late.

2. Will you call me if I give you my number?

3. Do you mind if I borrow your dictionary?-

4. I get hungry if I don’t eat anything.

5.   The food spoils if the fridge is turned off.

6. Is it OK if I take your bike to the store?

7. Will they read this magazine if I could leave it?

8.   The ground gets wet if it rains.


1. If Albert can repair his bicycle, he’ll go cycling.

2. Ben will come to school by bus if he is late.

3.   You will not see the square if you look out of the window.

4. We’ll see old things if the history museum is open.

5.   Mary will not go to the theatre if she cannot get a ticket.


1. If she needs a radio she can borrow mine.

2. If he goes on telling lies, nobody will believe a word he says.

3.   If he likes the house, will he buy it?

4.   If you come late, they do not let you in.

5. He’ll be late for the train if he does not start at once.

6.   If you put on the kettle I’ll make the tea.

7.   If he is late we’ll go without him.

8. I’ll be very angry if he makes any more mistakes.