3. Why go to school? - Reading


If you ask students about school, their first reaction is usually very different.

Why is that so?

— Some of the students hate school, because they are not successful with their marks, and pressed by other parents and by teachers or maybe they don’t have friends at school. Others like school, they are going to get their education, and enjoy taking part in different school activities.

Can you imagine life without school? Why/why not? — As for me school is  not only a place of education. It is an  attractive place where I can develop my skills in different clubs. Besides at school I spend considerable time with my friends. That’s why I cannot imagine my life without school.


1. C Why do some students like going to school, while others don't?

2. E Does school deal only with class activities on different subjects?

3. B What way does school provide  students with knowledge?

4. F Where do we spend considerable time with our friends?

5. A What’s the difference between the Internet and school?

6. D What other skills docs  school develop except the educational ones?


1. F. Both the Internet and school provide students with knowledge.

2. T. School provides young people with critical thinking and social skills.

3. T. If you have an interest in going on  to higher education you will find school as an interesting place.

4. F. School is the place of formal education.

5. T. School provides with opportunities to develop students’ talents.

6. T. Friends are people with whom we spend considerable time going to school.

7.   T. Everybody should realize that school is one of the main social environments for young people.


1. Do you like school? — Yes, I do (No I don’t).

2. Do you know anybody who hates school? Why does he/she hate it? — Yes, I do. My best friend hates Chemistry.

3. In what subjects are you doing well? — I am doing well in Literature, Ukrainian and English.

4.   Are you pressed by your parents and teachers? — Yes, I’m pressed by my parents.

5. How many friends do you have among your classmates? — I have many friends.

6. What grades do they get in most subjects? In English? — From 7 to 11. In English their grades are better.

7. Do you use the Internet? What for? — Yes, I do. It provides different information and I send e-mails to my friends.

8. Can the Internet help in your study? Prove. — Yes, of course. For my last project about pollution of water I’ve got information from the Internet.

9. What extracurricular activities do you or your friends take part in? — As for me I take part in musical performances and my best friend likes volleyball.

10. Do you take part in any sports competitions? — No, I don’t like PT lessons, running, jumping and gymnastics are not for me.