1. People and relationship - Check your skills



I have a close friend called Natalia. I've known her for about 12 years now. We met at work she was a colleague of mine at the company where I used to work, and we used to have our coffee breaks at the same time.

We get on well although we don't have a lot in common, we have quite different interests. We don’t work together any more, and when I changed jobs we lost touch for a couple of years. But now we keep in touch regularly. We phone each other once a week, and we see each other about twice a month. We don't often argue, only sometimes about films as we have completely different tastes!


Why Learning How to Write?

1.   She used to go to the cinema every week, but she doesn’t have time now.

2.   We never used to eat out but now we go to a restaurant twice a week.

3.   Did you use to wear a uniform when you went to school?

4.   I used to go to the gym three times as week, but not anymore. I’m too busy.

5.   He didn’t use to like children, but now he’s the perfect father.

6.   He used to be very patient, but now he’s really impatient.

7.   Did they use to go to the bench a lot when they were kids?

8.   We didn’t use to have a long holiday, but this year we’re going to the Crimea for six weeks!