1. People and relationship - Writing


Is writing a process or a skill? — To my mind writing is 8 process.

What reasons do we write for? — We write for doing home tasks, planning, organizing our ideas, communicating with other people, passing the exams. What kinds of writing do you know?

—  I know such kinds of writing as articles, reports, letters, reviews, novels, stories, drafts, compositions and so on. Why is it necessary to study writing? — It is very important to become a good writer for professional development to bring your ideas and thoughts to other people. 2b. I’ve changed the idea that writing is not only a process, but it is also a skill.


The International Pen Friend Club


Edinburg EN 125BJ

United Kingdom

Full name: Ostap Petrenko

Home address (including country):

58 Svobody str. 16174 Kharkiv. Ukraine.

Nationality: Ukrainian Date of Birth (day/month/year): 3 October 1996 Sex: Male

Main interest: swimming

What sort of person would you like to write to? Energetic, imaginative, sociable. Reasons for wanting a pen friend: to know more about life of youth in Scotland, its traditions and culture.

How well do you write in English? Quite well.

Signature Ostap Petrenko.


 How long have you known each other? — We have known each other about 5 years.

What does your friend look like (physically)? — He is rather slim, not very tall, his hair is brown, his eyes are grey, and his face is oval.

What is your friend like? (use as many adjectives as you can think of to describe him/her). — My best friend is responsible, energetic, clever, hard-working, cheerful and honest.

Why is he/she your best friend (what do you like most about him/her)?

Taras is my best friend because we have very similar personalities.

What do you have in common? — A lot of things, we both love the same music and playing football.

How do you know that you can rely on him/her? (give some examples)

He always helps me. When I was ill. he helped me to do homework and when my mother wasn’t at home he bought me some medicine.

Has your friend ever let you down? When? Why? — He has never disappointed me.

What about you? Arc you a good friend? Can you prove it? — I think that I'm a good friend. I if there Is some misunderstanding between us I try to make peace as soon as it is possible. What do you and your best friend do together? — We spend a lot of time together, we often listen to music. Taras is very interesting to talk to, we discuss films, love, teachers, girls, cars.

Have you ever quarreled? If yea, how did you make up with your best friend?

— No, we have never quarreled.