1. People and relationship - Use your english


1. I used to get up at 6:30, but I don’t any more.

2.   Did she always use to have long hair?

3.   Did you use to have breakfast before you go to work?

4.   They didn’t use to have a car, they used to cycle everywhere.

5.   He doesn’t like coffee, so he used to drink tea in the morning.

6.   He used to be a teacher, but now he works for Greenpeace.


1. - I used to argue with my boss but now we get on quite well.

2.   + Lilly used to live in Kyiv but she moved to Donetsk last year.

3.?  Did you use to wear a long hair? You look different.

4.   +We used to be really close but now we hardly ever meet.

5.?  Did you use to play with your parents when you were a child?


a. A well-educated person has had a good education.

b.   Energetic is always lively and doesn’t tire easily.

c. Creative is original, artistic and imaginative.

d. Strong has well-developed muscles and can do hard physical work.

e. Patient is calm and does not get annoyed or frustrated.

f.   Caring is helpful and sympathetic to other people.

g. Brave is not afraid of frightening or dangerous situations.

h.   Sociable is friendly and enjoys being with other people.

i. Fair treats everyone equally and is not influenced by persona) feelings.

j. Organized is efficient and good at making and carrying out plans.

k. Fit is healthy and in good physical condition.

l. Enthusiastic is interested in and excited about something, m. Hard-working is not at all lazy, n. Cheerful is always happy and optimistic.


Nina is jealous. She feels angry about not having what other have.

Jane is talkative. She never stops talking. Taras is shy. He does not say a lot.

My grandmother is mean. She hates spending money.

His sister is imaginative. She is able to think of new ideas.

My mother is too sociable. She talks to everybody.

My best friend is loyal. He never betrays friends.


a untidy-9

b optimistic-7

c sociable — 2 

d talkative - 5  

e reserved - 13   

f shy — 3 

g impatient — 10 

h ambitious - 4

j generous - 14

k moody - 5        

l hard working -12

m easy-going -16

n reliable — 8

o cheerful - 1

p sensitive – 6


1. Introduce yourself (name, surname, age). — My name Is Bogdan Ivanenko. I’m 15. I was born of the 3rd of June 1996 in Kharkiv.

2. Say something about your family, pets, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. — We are a family of four: my father, my mother, my younger brother and I. My younger brother is ten. Our family lives In Poltava. We have a nice three-roomed flat. My mother is about 10. She is an economist. We all love dearly our Mum and are always ready to help her about the house. My father is an experienced engineer. He is 42. He is always busy and very often he works overtime. My grandparents don’t work now. They are on pension. My Granny is fond of gardening and my Grandpa likes to go fishing. Our family is friendly. I like them very much. We don't have any pet. My hobby is reading and playing different computer games.

3.   Describe yourself (your appearance: hair, eyes, build, what you usually wear). — I’m tall and slender. I have dark hair, dark eyes, a strait nose and thin lips. I wear spectacles. And has to clothes I like to wear jeans and T-shirts.

4. Describe you character, giving examples to prove it. (Arc you reliable, honest, lazy, boring, a coach potato, a chatterbox, bossy, gossipy, hard

working. sporty, ambitions, etc?)

— I’m not very lazy. I think that I’m an ambition person because I set up high goals for my career, and I try to be a success in school. I am also an outgoing person. I like to go to discos, to parties with my friends. Certainly we talk ft lot about life and our problems.

5.   Say something about your friends.

— I’m a very sociable person there are a lot of people whom I can call friends. One of them is Oleg. He is seventeen. He left school last year and now he’s a student of University. Oleg is ft future economist. He does not have much free time but if he has. Oleg likes to spend it in a good company. Oleg likes to listen to music, dance, watch new films, discuss them and do many other interesting things. We often go to the cinema, cafes, concerts and shows. Oleg is a good friend. He’s always ready to help everybody who needs. My friend knows a lot of interesting facts about music, famous people and history. He is fond of driving. Now his car is not very new and beautiful but he hopes to buy another one in the future. I am happy to have such good friend as Oleg.

6. Say something about school, your favourite subjects and teachers. — Like many other children when I was a child I went to a kindergarten. At the age of 6 I went to school. I was very proud when I became a pupil. Our school is a fine four-storeyed building In the center of Poltava. The school-building is not very large, but there are many classrooms and specialized rooms for studying different subjects. We study Mathematics, Physics. Chemistry. Ukrainian. Russian, English. History. Geography and Biology in specialized rooms. Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught in well-equipped science rooms. Schemes and tables arc on the walls. There is good equipment for laboratory experiments in the labs. Mathematics is taught in the science rooms on the third floor. There Is a special room equipped with calculators and computers. There are many specialized rooms for studying English in our school. tape-recorder and record-

players are widely used at our lessons. There is the Assembly Hall on the first floor of our school. We usually gather there to mark holidays. On the second floor there is a gym. We like our gym, and we like to spend the breaks there. During the breaks we usually played basketball or volleyball there. The dining-room and the canteen are on the ground floor. On the ground floor there is a workshop too. There we are taught to use some tools and machines.

7.   Say what you would like to be when you grow up. — Studying to be a lawyer represents the fulfillment of my longest held dreams. Whatever I could do as a lawyer to help people would gave me a great satisfaction. The duty of the lawyer is not only to punish people for various crimes: from serial murder to terrorism, but they must do their best to prevent crimes, to fight against evil in our society. The lawyers should help those people, who committed an error to find the right road in their life.

8. Say something else that you think is important to know about you.

— Sometimes I like to stay home alone, especially when I need some relaxation. Then I listen to music, watch television, read books or play computer games.


Do you have a close friend? — Yes, I do.

Who is your best friend and why?

— Lena is my best friend, because she is very cheerful, honest and energetic. What does she do for a good friendship?

— She never betrays her friends and never tells lies.

Do you make friends easily? — No. I don’t.

Why do some children have so many friends? — Because they are easy — going and generous.

What should friends always do? — They should always help each other and be honest.

What should friends never do? — They should never be impatient and tell lies. Do real friends share secrets? — I think they do.

Do you keep your friend’s secrets? — Yes, of course.

Do you help your friends with their school homework? — Sometimes.

Do your friends help you? — Not often, because I do well on my school subjects. Do your parents have close mends?

— Yes, they do.

Do gossipy children have a lot of friends? — No, they don’t.

Is there a boy/girl in your class who hasn’t got a friend? — Yes, there is.

Is there a boy /girl in your class who’s got a lot of friend? — Yes, there is. How can you help children who don’t make friends easily? — I can invite him or her to my birthday party with my own friends.

If you have a brother or a sister, do you get on well with his/her friends? — Yes,

I do.

Does your sister/brother get on well with your friends? — Yes, she/he does.