1. People and relationship - Listening


A: Have you ever tried to touch get in with your old friends?

B: Yes, I try to do it.

A: Why do you try to get in touch with friends of your childhood?

B: We have much in common and like to recollect funny stories about our school life. I’m sure we’ll stay friends.


get on — ладити;

have in common — мати спільне;

argue — сперечатися;

keep in touch — підтримувати стосунки.


1. an actor she used to like

2.   a friend she used to have +

3.   a sport she used to play +

4.   a teacher she used to hate +

5. a film she used to watch several times.


1. When did she and Rose stop seeing each other? — When they were 16.

2.   When did they lose touch? — They lost touch after university.

3. Why didn't she like the French teacher? — Because he used to be rude and didn’t like children and teaching.

4.   What happened as a result? — French was the only subject she ever failed at school.

5. Why did she stop playing squash?

— Because it’s hard and aggressive.

6. Why does she prefer tennis?

—  Because she can play tennis with friends outdoors.


How long have you known him/her? — I’ve known her/him for about 5 years. Where did you meet? — We met at school.

Why do you get on well? — We get on well because we have a lot in common. What do you have in common? — We both love pop-music.

Do you ever argue? What about?

— Sometimes. About new songs of our favourite pop singers.

How often do you see each other?

— Every week.

How do you keep in touch the rest of time? — We phone each other almost every day.

Have you ever lost touch? Why? When? — Never.

Do you think you’ll stay friends? — Yes,

I hope so