1. People and relationship - Grammar


1. Bob used to work in a factory, but he doesn’t now.

2. Mary used to go to my school, but now she doesn’t.

3.   Andrew didn’t use to be very tall, but now he is.

4.   Chris didn’t use to drink coffee, but now he does.

5. We used to play football at the weekend, but now we don’t.

6. There used to be a market every Friday, but now there isn’t.

7.   They didn’t use to wear a uniform to school, but now they do.


1. We used to have a dog when I was a child.

2. I used to like eating pork but now I hate it.

3. Bob used to play football before he became a dancer.

4. Wales used to be an independent country before it was part of Britain.

5.   We used to have several horses.

6. Jane used to be a signer.

7.   We used to live in Russia but now we live in Ukraine.

8.   It used to work, now it doesn’t.


1. Did you use to go to the same school as me?

2.   I didn’t use to have so many things when I was a student.

3.   What did you use to study?

4.   Didn’t use to have long hair?

5. What did you use to do when you were a child?

6.   He never used to be like that.


Looking through the pages of old magazines one can notice things that refer to the fashion of those days. Women’s skirts used to be long and formal. All men used to wear long hair. Children used to dress like adults. Men and women used to dance at formal balls. Women used to have many petticoats under their sticks. Men used to carry walking sticks.

1.   Did your mother use to read to you before you started school?

2.   Did you use to eat vegetables before you went to bed?

3.   Who used to visit your family at the weekend?

4. What did your grandparents use to give you when it was your birthday?

5.   Were there a park near your house where you could play?

6. Where did your parents use to live before they got married?

7.   Did you use to watch TV on Saturday morning when you got up?

8.   Did you use to get up early when you were a child?


Did you use to wear glasses? — No, I didn’t use to wear glasses.

Did you use to wear long hair? — No,

I didn’t use to wear long hair.

When did you use to come home from school in a Year 1? — I used to come from school at 2 o’clock.

What books did you use to read when you came to the place you live now?

— I used to read book about adventures. Where did you use to live before you came to the place you live now? — Now, I live in Kharkov. I used to live in Poltava.

Did you use to play dolls/cars when you were a little child? — Yes, I did. I used to play dolls/cars when I was a little child.