1. People and relationship


1. In a family with two children, do you think it's better to be the older or the younger sister or brother? Why? To my mind it is better to be the youngest child, because he or she always has older brothers and sisters to help. And usually parents and grandparents get the youngest children what they want. 2.Does a child's position in the family have an influence on its personality? I think it does.


About the youngest children? (4) About the children who have to look after their younger brothers and sisters (2) About Tom Hughes (I)

About the only children (5)

About the most competitive children (3)


1. Independent and sociable? — The middle children are. 2.   Charming and affectionate? — The youngest ones are. 3. Quite self-confident and ambitious? — The oldest children are. 4.  Very organized and responsible? — The only child is.


1. well-bred — spoilt

2.   unselfish — selfish

3.   simple — ambitious

4.   hard working — lazy

5.   rude — sensitive

6.   calm — energetic