Ex. 3, p. 14.

As For me I think that the profession of an interpreter is very popular in Ukraine, I know that interpreters have opportunities to visit different countries and continents. It attracts me, because I'll get acquainted with various peoples and I’ll learn their customs, rituals and traditions. I’m sure that this creative profession enriches our mind and we become more educated, I think that an interpreter is a very useful profession, because it helps people to communicate, I like this job and I hope that I’ll become an interpreter. I hope that my dream will be realized. I try to read English books in the original, learn 10 words at a time and listen to English songs every day, because I want to fulfill my ambitions.

The profession of the worker is not so popular in our country because lots of plants don't work now. The salary is miserable and it’s difficult to find the suitable place of work.