Ex. 4, p. 11.

I am a pupil of the tenth form. I study at school 101 in Kyiv. The pupils of our school learn different languages: Russian, English, French and German. I learn English, I have my English three times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I take my English textbook, vocabulary and exercise-book and go to my English lesson.

The bell rings and the teacher and the pupils come into the classroom. We sit down at our tables, open our textbooks and the lesson begins. During the lesson we listen to the tape recorder, ask each other questions and speak out on what we have heard. Sometimes it is a story, sometimes it is a dialogue or a conversation, They are not very long but they are always very interesting. We speak English a lot, but we also read texts from our textbook. During the lesson we also write sentences on the blackboard, learn grammar rules and do exercises.

Twice a month we have our home reading lesson. At this lesson we speak about what we have read and discuss interesting episodes from our book. I never get bad marks in my English because I always prepare my homework well. I like my English lessons very much and come to them with joy.